Don't delete your Tab Navigator

I had a serviceable Bottom Tab Navigator on my (in development) App. I haven’t touched it for a while, and now I return to it the tabs have shrunk in height and the text on each tab has disappeared. I haven’t used icons.
So I thought I’d delete and recreate the Navigator. The problem is that all my screens seem to be contained in the Navigator, so having deleted the Navigator I’ve deleted everything. Screens, Blocks, everything. Weeks of exploration and progress gone in a single click.
Do I have any hope of getting it back?

Was your navigator combine the component? That would be deleted it together,I think have a message will alert to you when you delete before. Thanks.

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Sorry - don’t understand the question.

He means that - "You get a confirm delete message before any componet’s delete process."

No… I can’t confirm this; you may ask any admin…

Thanks! :smile:

Well yes, I got a “Are you sure you want to delete your Navigator” message, but it didn’t say “Are you sure you want to delete absolutely everything you have created over the last few weeks”.

To be honest, pointing out that I was offered a confirmation message doesn’t really help me. I was seeking to:

  1. Warn anyone else who may not realise that the entire App is contained within the Navigator component, and gets deleted along with it;

  2. Hope that some kind Administrator might take pity on me and offer to restore my lost work (I can provide App name etc.)

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