Top tab navigator

In StP, I experienced this:

:beetle:When you delete the last premade screen for a top tab navigator, it just reloads the page, and restores the screen. This is when you don’t want the top tab navigator premade screens. It simply won’t let you. Even if you add a screen and then delete the premade screen, it reloads and restores it again. You will have to put the screen to use, and like what if you need to just duplicate a screen? Well, you have to spend more time because of the regeneration issue.

This is annoying. Please stop doing this.

I can’t post for DnD because I can’t find that navigator there! So this is an StP bug. Please fix this.
I am using this sentence to alert @conroy33, @wei and @ioannis because he is one of the staff in Thunkable (since I can’t make a staff emoji in line, I’ll just create 2 emoji’s below.), as their profiles says.

Hello @afnanfozailcw81 ,
Sorry to hear you are having an issue with Top Tab Navigator,
I’ll try to reproduce the problem you mentioned.

You can add Navigators on DnD projects, the option is here:

Hi, @ioannis:
I know, but I’m talking about how when you delete a premade screen from a top tab navigator, it automatically reloads the page.

Bumping this thread to the top…

And again!

Sorry for the late reply.

I was trying to replicate your issue but it never happened to me.

What browser are you using?

also i use stp to do this
edit: Actually, I was wrong. The thing is, if you delete the last remaining premade screen, it restores itself and reloads. Try deleting all your screens in the project and you’ll see Thunkable X reloading.

Hello, @ioannis? Bumping this.

It has been 4 weeks.

Hello! I don’t know why this is happening to you. I couldn’t replicate this issue.
You could try to drag these screens out of the Top Tab Navigator.
If this doesn’t work, could you please send me your project URL in a private message? I will try to find the best solution for you.

if i have time
Edit: Sent.

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