Does free account has less blocks than payed one

hi thunkables i have question
does free account has less blocks than payed one?
because i see blocks of screens and others doesnt excist in my free membership
like start value block
set screen title and other.

No, it’s essentially the same product. The main difference comes when you want to publish your project.

If you’re missing blocks, know that some screenshots are from the new drag-and-drop interface and some are from the older legacy interface.

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I saw blocks with others i dont have it

You cant publish it until you are pro
So when you finish your project you have to be pro

Thanks bro

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to publish your project too play store or app store you dont need pro but if you need to publish as web app then you need pro

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All blocks are available to all users but some blocks will only show up in the Block Screen if you select some components. For example, you will not see the Alert block if you have not added the Alert component to you project

If you are using the Drag & Drop then remember that it’s in beta and not all the blocks are available at the moment.