Does changing screens kill the thread?

I have a text input screen that needs to be saved to a cloud variable. There will be times when this occurs while the device is offline because it is in a location with no cellular service. I will write a Forever loop that monitors whether the device has returned to being online and then uploads the data to the cloud. But if the user changes to another screen before the device has returned to online, does that kill the code that is waiting to upload the data? That is, can code from one screen continue to run even though the user has switched to a different screen?

I was able to answer my own question with some tests. The answer is β€œYes”. I turned off the WiFi on a WiFi only tablet, then entered the text and pressed the Save button which attempts to upload that text to the cloud. Then I switched to a different screen and then turned the WiFi back on. Thunkable was able to upload the data then even though it was in a different screen. Very impressive system, thanks!

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