Do I need to log in to my app?

Should I log in to my game, or can I accumulate points without logging in? [poll type=regular results=on_close max=20 chartType=pie groups=trust_level_0,1k_App_Developers,Adcelerator,admins,Beta_Testers,Community_Testers,Extension_Developers,lottiefiles,moderators,no_coders,Power_Thunkers,staff,Thunkable_Staff,trust_level_1,trust_level_2,trust_level_3,trust_level_4,Video_Creators]

Whether to log in

  • Log in and accumulate points
  • You can accumulate points without logging in, please provide comments
  • No need to log in, no points accumulate

hmm sorry i cant understand if you have added a login system in app then youu need to login else you can use without it
also dont create duplicate topics -