Display data directly from my database



I am currently preparing a quiz functionality in which I want to search data from two tables:

  • Table 1: list of quizzes with their characteristics (title, description, difficulty, duration, etc.)
  • Table 2: content of these quizzes (quiz ref ID, question ID, question, answer, hint 1, hint 2).

Problem 1: When someone chooses a quiz, I show its title, description, difficulty, duration, etc. on the screen. However, these data do not appear simultaneously and there is a slight delay between the time when the screen opens and when the data is shown. Question: How can I ensure that everything is displayed at the same time?

Problem 2: As all questions of all quizzes are stored in the same table, how can I search for and display the correct question in the database? For example, for Quiz ID 5, Question 1?

Thank you in advance for your help!!!


What database (Thunkable, Google Sheets, AirTable, etc.) are you using to store the data? Can you show your blocks please? This will assist in troubleshooting your issue.


and thank you for your feedback. It’s AirTable.