DiscoverMe an intelligence game

DiscoverMe, a very simple game that requires intelligence, insight and accuracy of observation.The game consists of seven levels, from level 1 to level 7. The idea of the game is based on the search for hidden numbers, the number of hidden numbers varies from one level to another. Each time the player moves from one level to another, the number of hidden numbers increases and the game becomes more difficult.
The idea of this game was quoted from one of the intellectual activities that we practiced in school to fill the void, we play the game between two players, the first writes a number of numbers without telling the other about them, so that no number is repeated, then he tell him the number of these hidden numbers, the second suggests some numbers in an attempt to detect them, in this application witch i programmed the game is played between the system (smart phone) and its owner.
When the application starts, the first level starts, the application generates 3 random and hidden numbers, each number can not be repeated, the generated numbers belong to the domain [0ā€¦9]. The system gives the player at this level 7 (number of hidden numbers * 2+ 1) attempts three times to find hidden numbers. If he fails, the game ends and asks him to play again, but if he succeeds in revealing the hidden numbers he moves to thenext level , and so on.

The DiscoverMe game is now on play store .

Thanks in advance to anyone who has devoted some of his time to reading our file and trying our application.


hi i am new here,i recently chacked your game its so nice so beautyfull and best game,
i want one help for you.
i want to add hints in this to do it.its posible?

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Thanks amrita and nandu

Hi, Mansoorullah_Khan
Thank you for your interest in my app, I did not understand what you wanted from me?

i want to add hints in this game.
for example if the right answer is 123, then the hints section showing 3 examples.
1ex. 456
2ex. 678
3 ex. 123
i hope you understand it.

Of course you can,
But you can not use the source code for profitability, you can use it for educational purposes only,
This code cost me time and effort,

i am new in apps makeing.
and i want to learn from you how to add hints in your game.and i will share this game to my friends.

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no problem
Support me by sharing the app
Currently, Iā€™m busy pursuing a course
After the end of the lessons we have a talk, God willing

in this app you used 2 banner ads.can i add 1 my banner in it.and then publish it to playstore?

have you a developper acount?

recently no and i have not any good app like your app.and recently i dont know difficult codings.
thats why i want finding aia files and want to permission for publishing.if any one allow me.then i will perchaze a developer account.

My application is now published on PlayStore, it is unreasonable to allow you to exploit the aia file and publish it for profit

If you have an idea and want to convert it into an application I will help you

yes i have lots of ideas but i am finding a teacher who guide me step by step.
first of all i want to make a general knowledge game like your game.
i want to add a general knowledge questchen with three optional answers if player is chose wrong answer then he watch a massage
and if player chose a right answer then he get some points and go to next level.

good idea
Yes, I can help you
You only have to support my application and share it, I will be thankful to you

ok i will share your apps.
and not just it.if i will make my apps or games by your guidelines then i will add some of your ads in my apps or games.we will share profit.

i will help you to build your app. What I want from you is advertising for my application only, if you make a profit from your application it is for you .


thank you sir.
but i will love my teachers.

how to star sir?

Please contact me!
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