Different behavior from Web App preview To Web App Published in Airtable API create new rows

Hello, I have a function that create new rows in Airtable db, getting data from a list I previously populated.

Well, If I run the app into the editor, using Web preview, it works correctly and Create 1 row for each instance,


if I run the app using Web App Publish or iOs download, it create 2 rows for each instance and not 1.

hope someone will help me thanks

What is the length of the list app variable OggetoLista when you preview the project on various devices and in a browser?

from 5 to 20 objects

And what do the blocks look like where you are calling the CaricaGiocatori function?

If it’s not confidential, can you post the full JSON response as text?

response is correct in both cases, 3 records in this case for both Web App and Live App

Schermata 2022-01-13 alle 22.08.36

but in Web App Published it writes 2 times the new records

Schermata 2022-01-13 alle 21.01.55
Schermata 2022-01-13 alle 21.03.05

Function is called one time from other blocks

other ideas ? thanks

I actually need the response formatted as text, not as screenshots. But I’ll take your word that it’s 3 records.

I’m not sure why you’re hiding the other blocks. I can’t help you without seeing how the function is called.

OMG ! your words helped me to discover the issue

I called the function from START and from OPEN screen blocks.

Now I removed that call from OPENS and it runs only 1 time !!! I love u !

But Why when I used web preview it worked the same only one time ? What is the MAIN different from OPEN and START ?

Thank you !!

Guido from Italy

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When screen starts → run this code the first time the screen opens

When screen opens → run this code every time the screen opens

I know there is a bug with these blocks but I thought it only applied to Android devices.

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