"device is online?" block not working

“device is online?” block not working for me. iOS 13.6, Live App version 213.

It’s all over my app so my app basically hangs every time it encounters the “device is online” block.

Need help…

I’ve been reading about this problem for over a week now and it seems to be difficult to trackdown and fix. It would be helpful if you could provide more details about your issues. Does it fail on the companion or only on the downloaded app? iOS only or have you tried it on Android too? What Android version is on the device(s) you use to test? What other components are in your app that might be affecting it? Does this project work for you or does it also fail?:


Can you provide a link to your project or maybe an edited version of your project so others can test and see what happens?

The more detailed info you can provide, the easier it will be for the Smart Guys to fix.

I confirm a problem with this block on iOS 12.4. After the information about its correction, I updated Live and this error occurred again, but the next time I opened it, the error was no longer there. At the same time, this box works well on Android after the fix.

You can make your own online check as shown below. If you have a lot of calls to “Device is Online”, it will be painful to replace all with the “app online” block or call the “checkOnline” function over and over, but it should work the same and think of it as a temporary fix. CheckOnline x

The project you sent works. So it might be a combination of other things. The app and live app is also performing really slow on my device (iOS 13.6, both iPhone 7 plus and XR) so it might be a performance issue and it’s starting to do a bunch of weird things because of performance issues. I need help to determine what’s really causing this performance issues because it was working fine or at least not this slow some days ago. And again, I didn’t do any code change. It just started becoming slow.

To answer your questions:

  1. It fails on both downloaded app and companion
  2. iOS only. I don’t have and Android phone so I don’t know if it works or not on Android.
  3. I use iOS 13.6 iPhone 7 Plus, Live App version 213
  4. I have many components in my app. It’s a fully working app on Beta phase and ready for Publishing to App store. But then all this crash happened and unstable environments the past month.
  5. The project you sent worked fine so it’s a combination of something else or a performance issue that’s making the app act weird.
  6. I cannot share my app because it’s private and it has proprietary design and functionalities already from the owners.

Is there a way to debug live with someone from the Thunkable team?


Usually your best bet for solving problems is through the community. It helps to have your question at the top of the posts to get the most eyeballs, so reposting during the US daytime is better.

When I run into sudden problems like this, I insert many label blocks through the routine so I can see where it gets to before hanging. You can see some in the Blank project I referenced earlier. Labels like “Before If Statement” and “Before Device Online #3” and “Before Get Function” tell you what was supposed to happen next. That way, when it runs in the companion (or downladed app) you see which block is the problem and then can figure out why.

Posting a sanitized version of your app (proprietary stuff removed or changed) is probably the best way to get wide help. Maybe you can copy just one screen and do some edits/replacements to make it acceptable (but still fail). Some of the smarter community members can spot issues right away.

it was giving me trouble block my images from airtable in my publish app but i update remove it and now have it on one screen its working to show and hide a button dont seem to work for changing images

Found the problem here. It’s not the “device is online” block. It was just affected because of performance issues. Basically the app starts acting weird and sometimes it stops on specific random blocks due to the performance issues. This was caused by the Acceleromoter. More details in this post: App became a really slow today