Webviwer: show image or text if there is no internet connection!

It’s possible to show a picture or a text message if webview cannot connect to internet instead of this ugly error message that shows on my iphone?

If is possible how can I do this?
I already try change the message with the “device is online” block but did not work.

Using WEB API block

Thank you, do you mean query this error message with web api like in this exemple and change it?

Why don’t you use 'device is online? ’ block in an if statement then you can post pictures and whatever you want.

I am using the block “device is online”, but looks on my project is not working OR maybe I have something wrong.

Here is my project using the block “device is online”.

I still receive the error from my first post.


this is the check when it is not clear whether a site is alive or not!

to check if the device is online is used block device is online?