How to deny access to app without internet

How do i deny app users access to the app,when they are not connected to the internet.
That’s because the labels set to get data from airtable are showing undefined, when there is no internet.
Please help!

Blocks -> Device -> Device is Online. If true set airtable visible, if false, set airtable visible false

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Thanks, I will try that out

I couldnt work it out,cant find the blocks,except if IS DEVICE ONLINE?

Mine says “Device is Online?” but it sounds like the same block.

Yea…but how can I implement that

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amazing thanks a lot…

Check this out…if your device has internet, it takes you to google else it will take you to ChromeDino Game

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You could do the same with If "DEVICE IS ONLINE"
ELSE…in the same way have just created a play app… Please save it on your account because I may delete in a few weeks.

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