[solved] Manage connection errors with Web_viewer

How can I manage the connection error when I use the web_viewer component?

If connection ok,
show web viewer,
show courtesy view

Thanks a lot,

Can you maie a screenshot of your blocks please ?

Hi, can you help me build the blocks to manage the connection error?
I attach screenshots of what I want to do
Thank you for you help.


have a look here this should help you use if and else is device online do that else do that

There is a problem,
if I open the app and the connection is missing, I get redirected to the error view.
If the app is already open and the connection goes away, the redirect to the error view does not work.
Thans a lot08

so you have to work with a timer and check if device is online every 5 secondes or thing like that :slight_smile: