When data viewer error, how to make row visible?

When data viewer error (ex: there is no internet connection), how to make a row/column visible from invisible and have a label “Sorry, you don’t have an internet connection. Please try again.” Then have an option “retry”.

What about using an Alert?

For most thunkable objects, I have found it is better to check at the beginning of the process for an internet connection. Something like

The data viewer might be a problem. Since you cannot control the data source in the blocks, it might crash and burn (ie cause a blank screen. You may need to adapt your solution accordingly. Because the source cannot be controlled at run-time, I’ve steered away from Data Viewers in favor of List Viewers and/or Cloned/created components. It requires a few extra blocks, but for real-world applications (such as unknown internet access) the extra blocking is worth the flexibility.

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I want to make like the image, when there is no internet connection.

add a image to the screen, set it to invisible. if “Device is Online?” = false, then set image to visible.

Thank you @drted. Now its already work.