Design mode goes blank

When i press a button in DESIGN mode of my project the screen goes blank, although the url is there.
I tried to delete it but with no avail.The screen goes blank again and the deletion cannot be done. In a previous backup of the project it’s working properly but I have made so many changes in the recent backup that cannot go back now and I want to edit the properties of this component (button).
Is there any way to solve this very frustrating issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi @ringraith2, great to see you in a the Community again!

Can you share your project link with us? I think this is something we will need to fix manually.


Thanks for the reply domhnallohanion, but I switched back to a previous project’s backup and manually copied the relevant code blocks to bring it in the situation i wanted. It took me two days work only for copy paste blocks, but I finally done it.
I think there was something with the button’s properties that made the editing unavailable.
Be aware of this, as it may be a serious bug in designing mode…

… and i never left the community nor the Thunkable.X project (I’m working far too long now on this). Thunkable is GREAT when it’s working, but in a year or so that I’m working on my project, I’ve faced a lot of bugs, which you’re correcting them with updates but there are very frustrating when they happen.

Thanks again and keep up the good work…

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Thanks for flagging - I’m not aware of any issues at the moment with the button component (I suspect it might be something else) but if you want to PM me the link to your affected project then I can take a closer look and see if there is anything up with the button.

That’s awesome - we’re glad to have you here!