[Resolved] My Design Screens have gone blank! [Aug 2022]

I was editing a project yesterday and it was working fine.
I opened it this morning and all my design screens have gone blank!
Hundreds of hours have gone into this.
Please help me resolve this urgently.
Was there a release? I see the Release Page has gone missing!
I have closed and reopened Thunkable and few times with no success.
This is what they look like:

aah, I see!
Yesterday the designer was not working with MS Edge. ie: I couldn’t drag any controls onto the design screen. So I switched to Chrome.
Today: Chrome is no longer working at all and won’t even render the design screens but MS Edge renders them properly. Except Edge will still not allow Control Drag Drop.
So I am snookered. I can’t do anything at the moment!
Please resolve urgently.

I cleared the cache in Chrome and it seems to be working again.
It would appear though that there is some bug in the works there.
Please investigate and advise.

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Hi @tonyb2 - thanks for reporting. Our engineering team is working towards a fix, but you are correct that clearing the cache will get it to work again!

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Just to check in here? Do you notice any residual issues @tonyb2 or are we good to close this out while we work on the issue on the background?

Chrome seems to be working fine for now.

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