Delete Row Containing Button/Textinput

with the any Component Blocks I can find the component of a Button and delete the Button,
but how do I find the Component of the Row that is containing the Button?

My goal is to delete the whole row.

In what context are you looking to do this? Do you want to delete in a data viewer list? Do you want to delete a clone object, created ?

Yes it’s a cloned object, a cloned row with Textinput and button, the button in this row should work as a delete button to delete the complete row.

Can you send me an image of the row you are cloning just to see what it looks like.

I’ve had the same challenge. IF (big if) you do not have nested rows, you can loop through the screen rows collect, the loop through each button and check if the current button is you target. If it is, delete the current row.

If you have nested rows, it gets ugly. What I have done is overloaded the background picture property to identify the row.

Hopefully that help. DM me and we can hash out the details if you want.

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I did the same thing for a Menu like uber but cloning is not the best I advise to use Create. The cloning is slower, the verification is more greedy.

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Using Create is not an option for me until Thunkable provide access to more styling options.

I’m able to delete Rows now, but it always deletes the first row in my Column
and not the row where I pressed the delete Button.
Does anyone find the mistake in my Blocks?

Edit: The “component” block returns an ID (a string of numbers and letters) and not just a simple integer.

See @drted’s solution below.

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Try this.

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I was going to suggest that but I saw in a couple places (e.g. the official documentation) that people suggested just Remove component as a solution… I’m curious if it’s that simple.

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If you just remove the component, the row will remain. If the row is empty and sized to contents, that would work. But if there is other stuff in the row, you have to find the row.

Additionally, if there are NESTED rows, every parent contains the button and this solution can delete any one of the nested rows. So it MOSTLY works in MOST situations.

Of course, any and all of that could change at any time. Kind of like the Remove Block is no longer available, even with all of the beta features turned off.

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Sorry, yes, I misread and realize now they wanted to delete the row containing the button.

hello, thank you for trying to help me out, unfortunetly this is not working, with this constelation of blocks I cant delete any row.

So sorry for a few errors @Christian_Sigge,

I think this will work


indeed its working :grin: :+1: :+1: :+1:
fantastic thank you very much

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