[Solved] Referencing a cloned row

I’m a bit stuck. I cloned a row within a column and now I want to remove the last row (the original row that was cloned). Normally, that’s a pretty straightforward process that looks like this:

But it’s not working properly because I have a column with another row within inside of the cloned row (ignore the label):

So when I remove the last row in the “Column container”, it actually removes one of the “Row (interior)” components instead of the “Row to clone” component that I want removed. I’ve tried removing the “first” item in the list instead of the “last” but that also didn’t work.

Any ideas about how to correctly reference the “Row to clone” component? I think I can do so mathematically but I’m interested in a way that doesn’t involve somewhat tricky math.

In other parts of my project, I’ve used blocks like this to reference a specific component (in this case, the first button in each cloned row):

But I can’t seem to wrap my mind around how to reference the row I need.

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Update: now I don’t know what I’m talking about… I switched it to remove the “first” item and it worked. Back to the drawing board because even though it’s working in this simple demo, it isn’t working in my larger project.


Correct me if I’m wrong but you want to delete ‘Row to clone’ after cloning it?

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Could you set a variable to the ‘row to clone’ id /before/ doing the cloning?


I suppose all you’d have to do is this:


She’s totally right.

Unless you’re cloning cloned rows. Which I haven’t done yet this week, but I did do last week… :wink: (Poodles to Paris has a lot of labels.)


Wow. So simple. I do believe that worked. Thank you!

@catsarisky Good idea… I’ll try that, too.

Oh and… cloning cloned rows… be careful! You don’t want to mess with the space-time continuum.