Clone button only the original work´s

Hello I am creating an app with a list that users add items, on the page that appears the list I clone the row for each item in the list and also two butoes one of them serves to delete the item. My problem is that cloning only one (original) button works, and users will not be able to delete other items. any idea how to solve ?? thank you

You can use variables as switch, timers or procedure… but i prefer variables


To remove a component, you must specify a ref to the component to be deleted in the removal block. Refs to components can be obtained after successful cloning of components.

@actech I do not want to remove a component but an item from the list created

This worked quite nicely for me @Fernando_Matos

You can remix this for yourself here:

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what I’m doing is: create a one button clone for each item in the list. And then I want it when I click the button it is deleted and remove the item from the list.