Removing rows from a column

I used Any Component to create rows in a column.
Screenshot from 2020-08-31 19-36-46
Now I want to remove the rows, but I only see a way to
remove the entire column, which I want to re-use for the
rows-to-be-create next.
Screenshot from 2020-08-31 19-39-24
How can I remove rows that have no name? Remaking the column
each time seems superfluous.

Thanks for your help.

When creating rows, save links to them in the list, and then select these links from the list to delete

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OK, that makes sense, except for the “links”. I don’t know how to create links.

Are you talking about “components”, ie, Creating row “component”? Like this?

Thanks for your help.

Look for the purple block you create a component. It has a green “component” block. This block is a link to the created component. Do you understand that? If Yes, you can attach this block to a variable and then the variable will contain a reference to this component. This means that you can insert this variable into the block to delete the component - изображение

Function destroyRows does not work:

Seems like it should, what am I doing wrong?

Helps if one removes the items from the list before trying to load it up again. :smirk:
Screenshot from 2020-09-01 10-54-30

Thanks again for your help, actech!

Check it