Date Picker Not Working with iOS 16.3

Hi All, most of my apps have two date pickers on each screen. These have worked fine in Android and iOS for a few years.

Now with iOS 16.3 (not sure about earlier versions, I haven’t been paying attention), when the Date Picker is clicked and the picker pops up, the “Pick a date” is greyed out and disabled. To set a date, you have to first pick on today’s date middle right. A calendar then pops up, you first have to click the day of the month you want, then click the month/year at the upper left, and then only month and year wheel-pickers show up (there is no day wheel picker in the middle); you set those, then hit Confirm. It doens’t seem to work any other way. I can’t imagine this is the desired workflow. A colleague tells me he has the same problem on his iPad with iOS 16.3.

Is this a Thunkable problem or an iOS problem, do you think?

The Android version is still working perfectly. And this same app on iOS 12.5.7 is fine with month/day/year wheel-pickers.

@dlmetzgerbcch This is likely a native iOS default setting somewhere, not a Thunkable setting or change.

Thanks, weird. I can’t find anything else about it online.

From what I can tell, Apple officially moved away from the old date picker wheel as the default with iOS 14. There was an outcry and with iOS 15 and after, they offered both versions to developers but kept the new picker as the default.

Yes, I saw that too. But the problem is that the date picker that opens up is not functional. It’s neither the old-fashioned one nor the new one. What you get is basically the old fashioned one with the month and year pickers, but missing the day picker. That’s why I’m wondering if Thunkable code needs to be tweaked so that it is asking for the proper one. I think you can in code tell iOS which date picker you want.