[Solved] Can i customize the look of the date picker?

How can i set or change accent color of theme in my app?
To be precise I mean color of calendar after click on “Date input” component.
I am on Business plan and unable to find this basic parameter.

There are no themes or calendars built in to Thunkable. Can you post a screenshot of what you mean?

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I’ve got “Date input” component in my app. I run my app. I click on “Date input” component… and after that click datepicker/calendar appears (I mean native datepicker which allowing me to choose a date). This date picker got some color and I want to change it.
Normally if I would do it in Android Studio or in App Inventor or in Kodular, the parameter responsible for this would be called “accent color”. How can I change it in Thunkable? It seems to be one of the basic parameters for creating an applications, but I can’t find it here.

That’s not possible in Thunkable.
The culture is not aviable for iOS or web apps so they didn’t add it.

What do you mean by “not aviable for iOS”? I am referring to simple “accent color”. To be precise these ones:
iOS: Apple Developer Documentation
Android: Color  |  Android Developers

For now, as I see, the only possible way to do this is to edit it manually in the source code, after downloading AAB file, before publishing it to Google Play.
…and with iOS… here is the main issue. I can’t download it to my MacBook and then edit it before publishing to App Store, which makes me impossible to change this parameter in that case.

Is it really impossible to change it in Thunkable?

As far as i know, yes.

I didn’t know that😅

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At this time, the ability to customize the look of the date picker is not possible. We’re a small them and there hasn’t been much request for this in the past.

The date picker is among of the components we are working to updat this year!

Thanks for the suggestion (I’m gleaning from the thread) I’ll be sure to pass it along!

Im not sure you can do this at all. Maybe :man_shrugging: You’d have to unbuild, edit, then rebuild the app (I thinks) and as far as I’m aware that’s not possible.

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