Date Picker and Time picker not function in Ios

In my app there are various label that when i tap this show the component Time Picker and Date Picker.

When i test the app in thunkable app on iphone, the date and time picker show the native component for select time or date.

When i install the app direct in the iphone and tap the label for show the time or date picker, not show the time or date picker and the app freeze.

I have the last release of ios 14.4 on iphone 11 pro max.

This problem is for time picker and date picker.

Perhaps apple change this native component and the app compilate with thunkable x not function ?

I test the app also in the ipad with ios 12.5.1 and the problem is the same.

Please help me.



I suggest you ask the thunkable staff

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yes, but i’d like to know if others have had the same problem and if they have found a solution