Date_Input not displaying scrollable options in ios Live


I am very much beginner in thunkable, i am trying to create a swimming pool booking app, here i am using date_input component for the user to select a particular date. when i test in ios i am not getting the scrollable option,instead when i click on the date the date launcher pops up which i dont prefer, please let me know what i am missing here, thank you very much in advance.


You don’t have other option, the user has to click on the date and select that way.

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There is no where in Thunkable documentation that gives option for the Date Picker. You only have this option.


You can, if you want, create your own list of dates, for example one week from today so you will get the current date from the date picker and add 6 more days to it in a list and then display it by a list viewer

See this code

It produces this output

But why you would do that if the system is doing it for you.

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ok thank you very much, is there any way to disable the past dates, thanks

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Click on the date to see the calendar.

how do i disable the old dates in the calendar so user cannot choose those dates, thanks