Data Viewer with Local Table seems to cause the screen to go blank in the editor

I’m a relative newbie to Thunkable and have just had a glitch in the editor.
I have searched around but have not seen any fixes, it looks like it’s a bug in the editor.

It seems that when I use a local table and configure a data grid viewer with it: when I go into design view and change something like the grid view text property the screen goes completely blank ie: all the controls disappear!

A subsequent web preview of the page shows nothing. A live test on a device does somehow seem to work though with the grid displaying.

I’ve tried closing it all down and starting again but the screen remains blank in the editor.

When this glitch happens on one screen, it seems to “destroy” all other screens that are using a grid and or table as well.

I can successfully duplicate the broken screen and when I do that, all the controls come back on the new screen. I then have to copy the blocks from the broken screen into the new screen and update the control names and it seems to work briefly and then it too goes blank and I’m back to square one.

This is frustrating. Can someone please help. Is it some thing I’m doing wrong or is there a glitch in the editor? Is there a way to fix this?

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After much playing around I’ve got it working again but there may still be a fundamental bug in the editor.
I was happily using a Local Table with a Grid Viewer and then I edited the Table to add a new field which I would be using for the Grid labels. After I had done that, when I updated the Grid View to point to the new label field in the Table, it broke everything and ALL the controls on the screen and on other screens also using a Grid View disappeared! I created a new local Table from scratch and pointed the existing Grid views to the new table. I restarted my web browser and the screens have magically fixed themselves. I can now change the Grid Views without the screens breaking!

Edit: It seems if you change the schema of your Local Table and then change the Mappings in your Data Viewer Grid that it breaks all the screens using this in your project… You have to delete all of your Grid Views in all screens. Restart your browser and try again… hummmph …