Data_Viewer_List "row id"

Hopefully this is an easy one for you, I’ve searched but can’t find what I’m after.

Data_Viewer_List… now I know when “Item Click” or “Left/Right Swipe Click” it gives me the “row id” and I can use this to do certain function (such as Text_To_Speech"… BUT how do I get or establish the “row id” of the first item in the list, without having to “Item Click”?

Essentially I’m after the “row id” of the first item in the Data_Viewer_list, when I open/start a screen.

Thanks for any help or pointers, loving Thunkable and the community so far.

One way of achieving that is to save the rowid dynamically as stored variable when you created the row. It will be available for use afterwards.

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mmm, yes I see. I’ve kind of tried that to no avail.
Perhaps more detail from me… so the Data Viewer List is retrieving data from Airtable.
I’m not creating a row.
The opposite… I tap the item in the list and the app reads it aloud to me, (I deliver it), then I swipe left and click to delete the row. All great. I currently tap the next row for it to read aloud…

BUT I would like it to delete a row and then automatically read aloud the NEXT row without me needing to tap it… (there are typically 150 deliveries on a run… a lot of tapping)…

In the first place, you cannot increment rowid. It’s not an integer. It’s a string of characters(mixed letters, upper and lower cases and numbers). You may call it to a label and see.
Secondly, do you navigate to another screen, George to do text to speech? It will be difficult to do loop in that case.
You may need to restructure your flow.

Ah ok. I’ll try that.

Not navigating to another screen, the “navigate to George”, is navigating back to “this” screen… a fix to refresh the list after the delete. (if that makes sense).