Data viewer list component restarts when it comes to 201cell

Hello Thunkers. I’m making a Vocabulary Lists App. I take that vocabulary from my Google sheets, and use it in a List Viewer (on the right of the picture). Clicking on any of its words, it activates the corresponding Data Viewer List (on the left) making some multiple choice tests,

using a local database (CURRENT TERM) with only four blank cells, the ones in the multiple choice exercise.

insert 200 prog2
insert 200 prog3

This process works very well with the first 200 words… But the program gets to, or when clicking on the word 201 of the List viewer or any word above 200,
the List viewer remains the same, but its calls to the Data Viewer List is like a NULL , and then the multiple choice exercise returns to the first word, no
matter which one (over 200) you are clicking.

How could I solve this? Any suggestions?