Data list viewer with text value input

Hi all,

I create a data list viewer with text input.

But after i run it,i just realise that when i key in value another row will follow what i key in.

How to make the value become independent?

Below screenshot is what i am facing now…

Thank for help

This is my layout

This is live test,after i put in data from google sheet

This is value when i key in,all the empty text will follow what i key in

Someone can help me?

I’m not understanding the problem. The only difference I see in those screenshots is that you have 50 next to each item.

What do your blocks look like?

This layout for data list viewer is create by myself,i put a blank text so that i can fill in value for each item in row.

But come to live test,when i fill value to first row,another row will follow the value.

I haven’t put in any blocks yet

There’s something corrupt about your data viewer layout. This should not be happening.

I have been try many times,even using another account also have this problem.

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure you can have a text input as part of a Data Viewer List (DVL). Each label in a DVL is either static or dynamic. If static, all rows of the DVL have the same text. If dynamic, all rows are synced to the data in the data source.

So for a text input, I think it also has to be static or dynamic. So typing in a value would essentially make it a static component, copied to all rows of the DVL. That’s my guess, anyway.

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I share you the same thought. DVL reads data from the data source bound to it not from any other source.

Thank guys…

I thought there was a way to make numbers independent.It mean my method is wrong.Need to create text input one by one.

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