Custom ListViewer

Hello everyone !
I am a new kid who unfortunately is stuck on a small problem.

I explain to you :
I would like to make a list like this:

I took the example of Actech (Thanks;)) but I would like to delete the multiple lines of the listviewer or at least have only one line per image.

I give you the link of the project by thanking you in advance!

Sorry for my english, google translation does its best: D

Try using Colintree List View Extension

Thank you but Thunkable X no extension

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Have you seen the single line example? Iā€™m afraid that for now you can do it this way.

Yes I saw this example, however it is the height of the lines of the listviewer which poses me problem.
My perspective would be to have 4/5 results on the screen that the user can scroll.
In fact I just can not match my image height to that of my line height with only one line per image.
I take your example, I will do some tests.

Thanks to you :wink: