Custom Data Viewer List doesn't show all text in label

I’ve made a custom data viewer list, with 2 labels, one of which has to display many lines of text. This is what the original column looks like if I add text:

But when I save it as a DVL and then try it out:

All the text disappears to the right and doesn’t show in a new line once the label runs out of space. Any ideas?

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May be you are exceeding the limit set there as this things are never encountered by me.


But limit of what?

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I somehow managed to fix that once (don’t even know how), but it’s happening with a different DVL in the same app:

The text just disappears into the side. Why is this happening? This has never happened before.

I have advanced binding on, because of the buttons. Could it be that the advanced binding is causing this? It’s possible, but my previous DVL with missing text did not have advanced binding on.

Edit: No, I tried this without the advanced binding and there’s no difference. I have to go with cloned columns until this is fixed.

I have filed a GitHub complaint, and hope this will get fixed soon. I use custom data viewer lists a lot and won’t be able to anymore if all my text is hidden.

Hope it gets sorted soon.

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