CRUD and Geolocation Example App

Needing a new backend solution for your #madeWithThunkable app? Try @backendless today! Get rid of the limitations imposed by @airtable and move beyond the difficulty of @firebase (though each has their place)! Check out this template CRUD application[Depricated]

This will get you up and running quick! You will only need to change out the @backendless URL’s. The rest is up to you in terms of styling or incorporating it further! I will posts updates to this app to highlight other @backendless and @thunkable features! Stay tuned!

[UPDATE 10/01/20]

You can now:

add a location to the DB either by using your phones GPS or clicking on the map

search in a given radius to see points near you

search filtering coming soon by location tag.

check it out! do a search near the starting point, search away from it, then come back and to it again!