Help figuring out an App

I’ll give you the basic idea of an app I want to create, to see if someone can help me figure it out.

I want, for one, the login screen to have a Country selector. I think I can figure that one out on my own.

Two: I want the second page to have 5 options. And when you click one of those options, I want the third page to show which option was clicked and which country they are from.

Third: The next time they go back to the main screen and select another option, I want the third page to represent that.

For example:


Option 1: 15
Option 2: 5
Option 3: 12

…and so on…

Also, below these results, I want the other countries to be listed as well.

Can Thunkable do this? If so, how?
I know I’ll have to use firebase. Any help would be appreciated! If you have any questions, please, just ask. Thank you!

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As much as I understand what you’re describing, that sounds doable, yes! Firebase sounds like a fine choice, if you want the data available to others. I’d get their user ID and use that as part of the cloud variable. You may want to remix the sign-in screen tutorial project.

Does the third screen list everyone’s responses, or just the user’s responses?


Thank you for your response!

I’m trying to remix the sign-in screen tutorial right now.

Yes, the third screen would list everyone’s response. But let’s just start with one Country…

So if a user selects the U.S. as their country, they would get a list of responses from everyone in that country.

I’m trying to explain it as best I can.

Edit: I’m also planning on use continents instead, because I’m not sure if Thunkable can import a list of all the countries in the world.

There are a couple ways you could populate a list of countries:

  1. Use an API that returns such a list
  2. Find a list online and enter it in a cloud-based data source such as Google Sheets or in a local data source (problematic because you currently can’t import .csv files)

for 2, you can paste into a local data source from a spreadsheet (google drive or excel), even if you can’t directly import the csv. :slight_smile:

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Didn’t realize that… thanks!

Sure thing. I think you might need to manually make the right number of columns first, but I can definitely confirm that pasting works.

Thank you both so much!!

But I think I’m gonna go with Flutter to build my app… since it’s just as complicated to learn lol

But I may come back to this, who knows!

Take care!