Creating a scrolling view of all rows in my airtime including text and image columns

Hi, I am working on an app that will display a scrolling view of items for sale that are stored in an Airtable.
I already coded the app to upload the data in Airtable. The column with an image is a text field with a url in it. I want my screen to display scrolling images and a text description for each row. I know there is a getallrows function but I’m not totally sure how to do it.

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How many rows you want to withdraw from AirTable in the app? If more than 10, then take a look an example (this will not work on the install on the iOS app)

I have a universal example, but other people’s images are used in it. If you give me data in JSON format, then I’ll make a copy of an example for you.

Example 2 (limit data per page)

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How would I give you the data in JSON?
Thanks, Quinn

Example 2 works for you? Do you understand how it works?

I am trying to build an app that would have a feed of all the posts of items for sale at my school. So it would be more than 10. How would I do that? I can send a screenshot of my Airtable. I would want to display the image and the text description. These are two posts that I added to test the app so far, I will have more than this for my actual app.

First you need to learn to get all the data from AirTable using getAllRows and display them in the List Viewer. Can you do it?

You need something like this?

Hey @qaburns014w, are you using Thunkable Live or installing you app?

Are you on Android or iOS??

Hi Domhnall,
I figured out my problem, I had errors in my code.

Hi Actech,
Yes that is what I need. But I’m having difficulty getting all rows, can you send me your code behind those pictures shown above? Also, will that work similarly on an IOS?

I was able to retrieve my data from Airtable into Thunkable, but it is not displaying the way I would like it to. I want it to show the picture and the text description.

Your example. You need to connect to obtain data from AirTable and personalize your information as you need.

I don’t understand. Did you look at my code, I retrieved all the data. How do I manipulate the data to display it on the string one row at a time so user can scroll through? I want more than one post on the page. How do I loop through rows to set the picture and description columns onto the screen?

My example works for you?


It is very strange. I have my example works on iOS 12.4.1, Android 8.1, Bluestackes 4 and MemuPlay. You run my example and do not see this image? What then is displayed on your screen and the device on which you run my project?