Displaying rows of data including image and text from getallrows from Airtable

I am building an app where people can post things for sale. I am able to use GetallRows to retrieve all the rows from Airtable. And I use GetProperty to retrieve the image and text columns I want to display. However, I don’t know how to set up the screen to display all the rows dynamically. Right now I just have labels for image and text so I would have to enter each row into a label1, label2, label3 and so forth. I know people have used list viewer and but I can’t figure out how to do it.


Here is the layout for my screen:

This is what my screen looks like at the moment, if I add more code to control the other images and text labels then it just repeats this image and its text, but I would like it to show different rows from airtable:

Use this way.