Creating a list of either one or two items based on a condition

I’m submitting JSON to an API and creating an object with the prompts for Open AI’s chat bot. I know this screenshot looks complicated but I’m basically wanting to have a list with one item if Negative prompt text input is empty (“”). If it’s not empty and the user typed something in, I want to add a second list item.

What does work is to add a space (" “) to the list. But that seems like an odd solution. I thought it would work to use an empty list or null block in place of the space (” ") text block but it doesn’t.

Edit: actually, now it’s not working with the space text block. It may have been a caching problem with Thunkable Live (it’s hard to know which version of a project is running!).

Any thoughts about how to do this differently?

Here are the blocks:

Answered my own question! I lost sight of the fact that I was working with objects. The empty text string (or space text string) has to be part of an object:

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