My list is crunching everything together in a single line

When I remove this block get object properties of the app crashes.
When I leave it in there all my objects’ names are in a single line in the list.
I tried using a make list from text but I can’t set those blocks in there

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Simple use set app variable Show DB to here instead of the standard empty list use the block that says get object properties of ..... use this instead of in list ...... Insert at ......

It should work


Sorry I’m confused, you’re saying to use here instead of empty list for the set app variable Show DB to?
What is “here

And then you said to use get object properties of instead of in list insert at at last?

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Instead of the list block use the one I squared and set it to the get object properties.


So I put the one you drew a square around, and put it in place of the in list insert at last as.

You know, it’s always funny, once everything is in it’s proper place it’s like “in retrospect it had to be that way”
Your answer was the solution but I’m going to mark my reply here as it because it has a screenshot of the blocks in the proper place. Just wanted to give you credit.