Populating a list from properties of Firebase results

Can anyone help me. I’m trying to populate a list of item, but instead of using the node name of the item (bShout for example), I’d like to grab the value of the “name” property and use that. Can anyone help with with this please?

Here’s the data and what I’ve tried so far:

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No es necesario que inicialices una variable en la aplicación, directamente en el bloque insert in list, cambia la variable abril, por el bloque del tipo variable “cloud” unido a un bloque del tipo texto que contenga la palabra Abilities…
entiendes? y no es necesario el bloque Get realtime, quitalo… y prueba si funciona…

First, thank you much for a prompt answer. Hopefully translation worked correctly. Where you suggesting something like this?

If so, that did not work.

you have to use blocks like this

for each item j in list : get object properties of Cloud Abilities
in list APP something ~~~~ as get property name of object j “of” object cloud abilities
(and remove realtime-get)

becuz “j” is just a word not meaning the exact value in the firebase

and i dont know why you used cloud abilities there, if it succeed like that way, then it will be added in firebase


Use the get object properties of nice work!!

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Thank you so very much, saramdl.gaunde021. That worked!

Question for you, in your example you used “_tempList”, but it’s not of a variable type. In my mine, I made an app variable; “app _tempList”. I’ve looked through the help, but I don’t see how to make an unscoped variable. How, if you don’t mind me asking, did you do that one?

Functions. They are scoped. They’re scoped to the function they come from if used in the function. They’re scoped to the page if used out of the function. They don’t work across screens.

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Additionallt, if you are going to be digging around in a JSON tree, you might want to check out the “dictionary” functions here [Solved] Where the dictionary block in Thunkable?

Using the GetProperty function will save you a lot of nested loops.

Happy Thunking!

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