Create a button using Blocks navigate to... but it closes the app.

This is my first time trying to build an app with tam. There is a problem that I don’t know why. I made the button using Blocks navigate to… test with thunkable live, the button works fine. but when i install the app on my smart The crash button is When the button is pressed it closes the app immediately. I don’t know where the problem came from. Please advise me to solve the problem step by step. Thanks.

Hi @mintana,

were you able to get this issue resolved?


We’ll need to see screenshots of your blocks or a link to your project (and tell us which screen the problem occurs on).
I press the Save button, an item is displayed in the List after that when the button is pressed to change the screen. The app is closed by itself.

It works for me as it supposed to do:
Running on Android 12, on Realme GT Racing Edition.


It works, but after pressing save I want to go back to the initial screen by pressing the back button. (See attached picture)
does not return to the start screen but it causes the app to close.

Again, did all that, and is working for me… see the attached animation I posted before.

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