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There is a problem with the android versions because when navigating between screens, none of them are closed, so when you press the back button you sequentially pass through all the previous stages, sometimes watching obsolete data.
I think that including an option of closing screens is a must, or giving the option to close previous in the “Navigate to Screen” block.


I don’t think you’re talking about Thunkable X. I don’t see the “Close screen” block here.

sorry, I now deleted my answer…

I think to date there is still no block for close screen or close app right?

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That’s right, but at least you can now override the behavior of the Back button (with the 'when Screen.BackButtonPressed' block) in order to avoid the problem that @Gilbaja was having.


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We definitely need this as not closing screens and just navigating through them makes the app extremely laggy after a short while, I assume because the app never really releases the resources needed to open the screens in first place.

Are you also having this problem -
"I have to click back and close every single screen to close my app…"

This happens if you use both the Back button of your Android device and another back button you create in the application to i.e. take you to the previous screen. The Android button and the Thunkable button behave differently:

  • The Android button really takes you to the previous screen hierarchically
  • The software Thunkable button you may have created to navigate you to the screen you define (which in our case most probably is the previous screen) is doing exactly what you tell it to do but it does not follow a hierarchical notion.

So let’s say you navigate from Screen A to Screen B to Screen C to Screen B to Screen C (supposing you have the right buttons set up in each screen to move you between any of the screens. For as long as you use the Thunkable buttons, everything works as expected. But if you navigate to A > B > C > B and at that point you push the Android Back button, it will actually reverse the order of screens opened so B > C > B > A despite the fact that you would expect it to take you to Screen A since at that point you were on Screen B.

So yes, I am seeing the same and I am trying to build my application with that in mind.


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