Exit Screen 1 when proceed to screen 2

How to close screen 1 when screen 2 starts?

Basically, I am using the screen 1 as a splash screen and I have put a timer which when fired, it automatically opens screen 2 from which I can navigate to other screens. But when I press back on say, screen 11, it goes back to screen 10 then screen 9 then screen 8 and so on until Screen 1 (splash screen) and now it stays on the splash screen indefinitely because the timer has already been fired once and loop is disabled.

What I am trying to achieve is that when back pressed, once it reaches Screen 2, instead of going back to Screen 1 it should simply quit the app.

Now I understand this is because iOS guidelines state that its apps should not have quit or exit buttons, but my audience is fully android and I am never going to even build the iOS app. So whats the option for me here? How can I close the Splash Screen once the app is past that screen?

If you are not going to create applications for iOS, then why do you use Thunkable X? Use Thunkable Classic where for Android there is much more functionality than in X.

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To keep future options open just in case if I decide to publish it on iOS as well.

Can you give a link to your project?

Closing the screen and leaving the application in Thunkable X is not, but can think.


I understood.

As a screen splash use a full-screen Column with absolute positioning that covers all the elements on the Menu Screen. By the timer, make this Column invisible (with all the elements on it) and as a result, the Menu Screen will be visible.

Do you like this decision?

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This is genius. Thanks man! I will try this and let you know.

How to make columns Visible/Invisible? I don’t see the block anywhere.

This is not as easy as it would be desirable. You can:

  1. set Column.width and Column.height = 0
  2. make the background and base color transparent for components

Hi there,

The problem mentioned in this discussion is serious. I have not yet found a good solution for creating a splash screen in Thunkable X. As another solution, you can use a skipped splash screen: place a transparent full-screen button on top of the splash screen, in the handler of which you need to specify the transition to the desired screen.

I think that now, for the implementation of the screensaver, the most appropriate is the use of navigation components, for example, Tab Navigator.

Maybe this formula help. Easy. You can use this block in another button if you want, and when you change screen use this and close the old one.



Thanks for the suggested block, but there are no such blocks in Thunkable X. However, I think I found a way to make splash in Thunkable X. To do this all the screens placed in the component Tab Navigator, which is off SwipeEnabled mode and turn off display the tabs. In this case you can not return to the splash screen with a swipe gesture. But for navigating between screens, you will have to manually use the “navigate to” blocks.