Copy Design blocks

I just found out that I can copy Code Blocks with Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V … is there any type of copy/paste functionality for the Design view design blocks? it would be nice to make some templates or rows with labels/inputs and have them be able to be copied pasted with all the styling/settings

Unfortunately, there is no such function in the current version of Thunkable X. Therefore, you have to manually create blocks that were used in another project

But you can create a template project with some kind of markup, which you then use as the basis for a new project. In this case you create a new project by copying a template project and adding the necessary functionality to it.

But it is impossible to import blocks from other projects, rendering the suggestion nearly useless for any practical use. I think most of us would prefer to test new functions and logic in a temporary project, then once it is working to import the tested code/blocks back into a major project. Additionally, I like to branch complex projects for testing which often involves removing code (aka blocks and screens) which aren’t relevant and/or could interfere with testing. Frustratingly, there’s no way to follow these normal software development procedures in Thunkable. (Don’t get me started on the lack of Undo!)

Please either create an import function or bring back the old backpack concept ASAP. Having to re-create blocks is ageing me quickly!


If for you is the most important functionality, ease of development, speed, reliability, etc., then must learn programming languages. If the most important to you easy creation of applications - in this case it is best to use the project generator, but it has a low functionality and allows you to create project templates. Thunkable X lies somewhere between these extremes. Is it possible to create applications without a backpack in Thunkable X? Can. So, from the point of view of developers is a secondary functionality, in which there is great need.

Ya, I understand, but I think not having basic features of good practice just encourages inefficient and unsustainable (aka “lazy”) habits. If this is intended to be an introduction to development, then I think it should incorporate best practices so as young developers are learning logic and interface principles, they are also learning good planning, testing, and collaboration skills.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to fix a lot of problems which were created by those who were taking shortcuts and I’d like to see issues like that addressed and corrected at the beginning of the learning rather than trying to undo bad habits later.

You are correct, but the text programming gone so far, that if they wanted to not be able to use the blocks to the foundation of modern development. Local variables, classes, generics, threading, modules, and others. If all of this and much more to give as training, you get a very sophisticated platform (such as Snap! If you were wondering), and will be much easier to study the same Delphi.

I spoke with the developers and the proposed supplement Thunkable X functionality of Sketchware, but now I understand that the developers themselves define the vector of development platforms and come up with a lot of crutches, to somehow increase the functionality of the platform.