Copy components and blocks from one project to another

In Thunkable X there is no way to selectively copy components and blocks from one project to another, which is a serious drawback of the platform. But partially this problem can be solved with the help of scripts for automation of actions. To do this, you can use autoclickers with a link to the window and the ability to speed up the playback of the recorded action script. This mechanism works as follows:

  1. Turn on the binding to the window (so that before playing the script it goes into the state before recording)
  2. Turn on the script recording
  3. Create an interface and/or blocks in Thunkable X, and then stop recording
  4. Open another blank screen in the same project and run the script at increased speed - it will exactly repeat the recorded actions and create a copy of the interface or blocks.
  5. We save the script if there were no errors during its playback

You can use any suitable autoclicker and browser for recording automation scripts, but if the community has an interest in exchanging scripts, then it will be necessary to agree on standardization of this process. Otherwise, it will take a long time to configure the browser so that the coordinates of the author’s script coincide with the coordinates of the user’s window, since different browsers display the Thukable X interface differently and have different window settings.

To set window options I use AutoHotkey. To record actions - Mouse Recorder Premium. I have not tried playing a complicated interface and blocks yet, but I really liked the work of the automation script to create simple actions.

If someone decides to try this method, then I am ready to share the scripts that I have already created.


Sounds like a nice idea - any (preferably Chrome) plugins you would recommend?

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What plugins are you asking about? No plugins are required to work with the proposed solution. You need only two programs - AutoHotkey (for changing the position and size of the window) and Mouse Recorder Premium (for recording the sequence of actions)

Best regards, Alex
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I thought maybe there was kind of a browser plugin that could automate… in this case I think it will not be easy to find a solution that runs on both Mac OS and Windows to share the scripts within the community

You are right. In different browsers on different versions of different operating systems, the same page will be displayed differently. Because of this, there will be a shift in the coordinates for the cursor and the recorded script during playback will not fall on the necessary interface elements, and in the simplest case, it will perform operations on completely different elements, which can lead to confusion.

You can agree on the use of the Chrome browser, but I, for one, do not think that this is the most convenient browser for working in general and for working with Thunkable X in particular.

If you’re interested, then the file below contains a script to launch the positioning of the Chrome window and a script to automatically add a component. (796 Bytes)

  1. Run the file Thunkable.ahk - Chrome will open in which you need to open an empty Thunkable project

  2. In the project, using the search field, find the desired component, for example, Button

  3. Open the addComponent.mrf file and check if the action marker shows the action on the component

  4. For example, set the number of repetitions of the script to 5 and the playback speed to 1000 and run the script - 5 buttons should appear on the screen

unfortunately as a Mac user I’m not able to run this software

There are similar programs for Mac, but almost all of them are free only during the trial period.