Contact Info App


Still new to this and I would like reach out to the community for some guidance.
I would like to create a contact information app that should be able to search, add and save the info Name, Address and Phone number. The data should reside in the local db. Any guidance is greatly appreciated, please assume I have min knowledge. Thanks


This should be fairly easy.

  1. design the layout in the designer page.
    First segment: You will need “text inputs” each for Name, address and phone number. And a button to “add” the entry.
    Second segment: you will need a text input for user to enter text or numbers for search. 3 buttons to each to search by Name, Address or Phone number. And another text labels to display search results

  2. go to the blocks page and start adding blocks. Use the block “when button click” and read the texts into an object variable with fields Name, Address and phone respectively. Then add the object as a “stored” list variable.

  3. For search segment, you can use the blocks “for each item in list” and "does__ contains __ " blocks to run though the stored list and search for match. Then show it on text labels. You can also remove the item from the stored list using the “in list __ remove” blocks… … and more things you can do.

Just dive and try, it is fun.

Thank you for the input, really appreciate this…not too sure on how to pieces the block but will try anyway



Any chance you would be able to share the Blocks…I have no clue where to begin from the instruction given above. Thanks


Also looking for some help with this one! Anybody have the blocks?

I was able to make an app that does the first part, but it will not save your contacts:


Here is my app: Thunkable

Let me know if you need help building this in airtable!

@aanshi6 Thanks for your help. This is a great start. I am unfamiliar with what Airtable is! I am a complete beginner with Thunkable and all coding tbh.

Any more help would be tremendously appreciated.

Ok that’s fine! Airtable is a database software, and its not that hard to use, it only took me about a week to master it! You have to start with creating an account. Here is a link:

Then, Create a new DB in airtable. Add an airtable component into Thunkable. You can learn how to fill out your key and base ID Using the Thunkable docs:

Once you are done with these step, I can help you program it. Hope this helps!