Consulta de variable

Tengo un a pregunta, como puedo consultar o traer una información de una base de datos de Google Sheets, ya que me logeo pero no he podido lograr que me traiga la información que necesito.

hago Logeo y trae la variable User que es mi ID

cuando trato de llamar la info de mi base de datos no sale nada

What happens if you go to the Web screen and set NCole’s Text to [get value] for row id 1? Not a variable, just the number 1 (for the first row)?

Do you see the value from the Google Sheet? If not, try deleting the data source from the project, renaming the Google Sheet (that is important!) and re-adding it.

If that still doesn’t work, create a new project and test to see if you can get any values from that Google Sheet in Thunkable.

Sorry this is in English but I hope it helps!

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