Carrying variables across to another page?

Hi sorry another quick question

I want to carry data from a list over to another page but i cant get it to work, heres what ive done… Ive tried setting the variables on page 1 and page 2 (but cant get the row id box on page 2)

Page 1

Item is clicked in a data list (from internal db) on page one, this should then open page 2, where i select the following

where ive highlighted (2.) i had tried to create the variables on page 1 and then use like this on page 2, didnt work, where i highlighted (1.) i tried to create a variable of the rowID that was clicked on, but again doesn’t work

This should work. I have no concerns about variables but if you wanted to double-check, you could display the value of the green ‘row id’ in a label before navigating to the other screen and then once on the other screen, display it in another label. But I suspect you’d see the same row ID for both.

What’s more likely here is a bug with the ‘get value’ block: Get value from Google Sheet not updating properly · Issue #1138 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

Possible workarounds are the ‘get row object’ block (which doesn’t always work) and the ‘list of values’ block.

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Seems to work using a local data source thanks for the heads up !

Now to relink 2000 linked images :smiley: as they dont copy across from the google sheet :frowning:

Or… use a workaround and avoid all that?

Cheers @tatiang gives me an opportunity to check the data anyway thanks again for your help !

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