Conceptual errors in Input text and Scrolling - Would other users agree?

I’d really want to suggest a change of the following.

When using:

Input Text - I can scroll the text mass if i just tell the system that it should be scrollable.
Label - I cannot Scroll
ASCI text - I cannot Scroll

Form me it is illogical and i really suggest a quick change of this.
To make this requirement even more logical i want to follow up with this:

Input Text - I can set font size in Design view - But not in Block view

This means that i cannot change the font size when a tablet is used.
Since large text mass are to be displayed font is to small and inconsistent with Labels and Asci that can be changed in the Blocks.

And i continue to write here as i have another STRONGLY related issue.

The scrolling must work ALSO for when NOT having a specific section to scroll. Today you need to put that in a Layout/Container, and to administer that is far to complex than necessary i think, however is much simpler and probably the must wanted use case

My use case is just to have a scroll functionality to assigned to Any button -
Scroll to top - And you go all the way up
Scroll to bottom - and you go all the way down or
Scroll to Achor (Set an anchor to an object / develop an achor point that can be placed in the design view…and when a button is pressed…scroll there)

In the best of worlds we would skip the Layout / Container functionality as it for me causes more trouble than

To visualize this reasoning i strongly recomment to Download my app TRAVELIX and or STRUL
none of them is using Layout / Container. SAtill works well but i miss the above functionality.

Hope you can follow this up
Best regards

Hi Stefan, thanks for passing along this feedback!

I will certainly pass it along to our Product team and if they are able to incorporate this feedback into any changes, we’ll let you know!