Font size setting missing in input text block view

Unless other solution is available or suggested.
Trying to do an app Responsive using Screen width as value to assess.
This works fine - However -
If the Screen is an Ipad or eqv i would like to
Set the size of the font in Input text boxes and which do not have the “Font Size” available as block.
Worth saying is also that i am using text box because i cannot use a normal Label Block since it is not possible to Scroll (Which i can with the Input text box.
Should not be that hard (!) :smiley: to fix either of those right ??

Excited to hear thought on this, or if there is a workaround

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You could show/hide a different input with bigger font based on the size of the screen maybe.

Hi Jared
The problem is that there is no blcok at all in which i can that that If Screen Size is - Then set Input TextBox FONT to NNpx. It simply does not exist in Drag and Drop module…
Anu More ideas…?

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