Text size in buttons, labels ant text input for smaller smartphone and tablet?

Has someone an idea, how to adjust text size for different sizes of screens (iphone4, iphone7…, iPad, i.e.).
If I use a small size it fits perfectly on smaller phones. But looks strange on tablet. And the other way round.

To adjust the font size, you need to know the screen settings and the device type. There is no such function for us. Moreover, everyone has a different vision and the developer can not know how and to whom is better. Therefore, it is better to make a screen (dialog settings) where the user can choose the size that suits them. Font size can be specified in the list or use an input field with validation of valid and correct values. You can use the slider and the demo text area (or chenge font on interface in real time) so that when the user selects the font size, he immediately sees the changes on the screen.

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good idea!


you can also use this procedure so the text size ( and all component you like) changes automatically with the size of the screen! A simple proportion that saved my project :joy::joy:
360 (in first block ) is the size of my screen and all the number in the second block are the size of my components. The procedure reads the size of the screen and calculates the new size to keep the same proportion . Remember to call the procedure when screen initialize.
I hope it will good for you too …bye

ps i haven’t internet at home now so my answer will take more time :weary:

Your blocks are of Thunkable Classic and this discussion is about Thunkable X :smile:

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Thank you. Great idea!

I know. There isn’t procedure block in thunkable X?

I really tried the idea.
Unfortunately there os no function to return the width of the screen.
So I thought, that implementing a row in the screen could solve the problem, because you can get the width of a row.
Determinig the width of a row does not give back the width in pixels. It returns ‚fill container‘ or ‚100%‘.
A result of the dimension in pixels is missing!

Text size and layout is one of the UI problem for various screen size, especially if we want to adjust font size and layout automatically to appropriate size. my idea is adding setting page in the app and let user adjust the font size.


Wow there isn’t screen size block …I would like to read more about X :weary: I took a fast look and i saw that there is a lot of new kind of settings for all components, maybe there is some settings to resize text for all device? Maybe some power “X user” will reply to us …good work

Unfortunately, there are no functions for changing the text for the whole device in Thunkable X yet. More importantly, for the List Viewer and the navigation components it is generally impossible to change the font. As for the large number of new properties, it really allows you to do a lot of interesting things, but, unfortunately, for most of these properties there are no blocks.

I’ve tried a simple text size changing but not success. App keep crashing every time when I set the font size of the label. (from Label1.set FontSize to value)
May it because of early stage of thunkable X,
That’s why I cannot successful build app with X due to buggy and turn back to classic

You are right, it produces an error on Android:

com.facebook.react.bridge.JSApplicationIllegalArgumentException: Error while updating property ‘fontSize’ in shadow node of type: RCTText

Im going to BUMP this to see if the team has an updates.

As I can see almost a year later and still no updates… :sob:

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