[Solved] Can I change the Text size for TextInput

Would it be possible to add a block for the text size of the Text Box so that it could be increased/decreased by the user (maybe with a slider), the same as it is possible to do it for a label?

Would it be possible to add the Font Size for Top Tab and Bottom Tab Navigators? I feel the standard font size is too small (or maybe I did not see that it is possible to increase the size of the font?).

Hi there, @danielemazza67b
Unfortunately,Thunkable X cannot change the text input font size by the block,when you said is it possible change the font size with the label,yes it does.

I’m not accurate to judge that change both of the navigators’ font size,prehaps is not possible yet.

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Thunkable X can change the font size for Text Input by the block (and for Button, Label, Date Input and Time Input).



This a super-interesting workaround @actech thanks for sharing.

Just for the benefit of future readers, here are the blocks needed:

And it seems to work pretty well on iOS and Android:


Since this is a separate question about a separate component, would you mind posting it again in its own topic please @danielemazza67b?


Thanks @actech

Thanks for the great work around @actech
I’m using it but need to change the font size for the text input according to the length of text.
I found that using the blocks below gives me a problem because the text input records each keystroke of the return or done key as a character giving an incorrect reading for the length of the text.
Any help would be much appreciated. :grinning:


Unfortunately, I can’t watch private pro projects.

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Hi everyone, I’ve done a method can help you to get the right font size for you device (is not responsive). You need to know the right size you need for 2 devices (for example a cellphone and a tablet). Now you need to interpolate or extrapolate depending on each on.


Now just have to assign the variable to the font size tex or multiply by other number to change it