Compiling error every time a make a single change


I keep getting this error.

Anyone can help?


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Hey @eoinparkinson, sorry for the inconvenience with this.

Did you try undo-ing your previous change?

Can you please PM me the link to your project so we can take a closer look at this for you?


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Thanks for sharing the link with me @eoinparkinson.

Just for the benefit of anyone else following along at home, when I copied the project to my account I was unable to reproduce the error. I can add/remove and pan around the blocks area without any error.

Can you try making a copy too and let me know if the error persists in the copied project?


I made a copy of the file there now, seems to be working as it should. Thanks for that info, really appreciate it!

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Sorry to add to that, I just added the group of blocks from the upload screen which calls the upload and saves data, and i received the error again. I think that might be the issue.


I believe the problem is with the 'break out of loop’ block near the bottom of the blocks that you added. Note that that block is not, in fact, contained in a loop. Please see if removing that block solves the problem.

We should do a better job of validating that where that 'break out of loop’ block and not allowing you to put it in an inappropriate place, or at least provide a more meaningful error message.


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I will try that now. The reason for it there was because when i check in firebase if the item name exists already, it did what it was supposed to do and set the labels that say its not available, and that would be that. But then it proceeds to try and add the image multiple times :confused:

And i can confirm that removing that block appears to have fixed it. Many thanks

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