"Break out of loop" block not working

Hi, when i inserted the “break out of loop” block into my app it gave me a notification that went like this:
“Internal error generating code for blocks”

I hope Thunkable Support can get this sorted out as soon as possible. Thanks.

Hi! @julianair2002874i, can you try ‘hard refreshing’ your browser? There was an update pushed out in the last couple days to address what you are talking about i think.

I am also imagining you are using Thunkable X, is that correct?

Just tried out the hard refreshing, still facing the issue. Thanks though! And yes, I am using Thunkable X.

Weird. Can you post a share link to your app?

I’ll move this post to the #thunkable-cross discussion board.

If you provide a share link I can check this out. I am unable to produce this error on my own.

Sorry, I would love for you to help but my app is confidential for now as it is being made for personal use and contains some API keys and passwords.